Answering the salary expectation question, the wrong way, may cost you a job offer!

You are up for a job change & have got a few interview calls . While building up  your resume, you equally need to work on yourself with the interview preparation on  technical & non technical skill, competency based interview questions , business & market intelligence &  the one particular question which you also have to prepare on  


“What is your salary expectations for the job?”

A great opportunity to sell yourself & your talent.

Well, this is a great opportunity to sell yourself  & convince them of your worth to their organization  ,  showcase your skills & talents , how you value your work , what do have in you as your personal & professional traits /strength which is of significant value for the position?

Don’t fight for the salary unless you’re sure it’s the organisation & the opportunity you want to work for?

We suggest candidates that  consider career move beyond salary figure , open up informative talks on career growth, succession plan , room for new learning & advancing . Do Put forth ;

“I am more interested in finding a position that good fit for my skill & interest , would like to know about the future potential of this position , in terms of career growth &  benefits the organization provides in terms of personal  & professional advancements. Well, I believe that you’re offering competitive salary in market."

The reason of career move needs to be defined & underlined which marks  your  seriousness about  career aspiration & career move.

Answering the consequential salary expectations question, the wrong way, may cost you a job offer.

Getting into a comparison with a friend's salary & answering the consequential salary expectations question the wrong way, can cost you a job offer.

The offer given to the candidate will always be  based on  his / her experience, his skill sets &  potential he brings to the table, the value proposition he adds to the position / the requirement.

Job move decision should not oscillate only around  “Percentage on SALARY HIKE”

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