Importance of Well Crafted Job Description

A candidate spending strong employment stability tenure in a particular organisation suddenly seems to be looking out for a job within 6 months tenure post joining a new company, the reason citied is that post joining his actual Job Profile is different from what had been discussed during the interview Process. Thus it reflects a bad hiring

On other the  part , many times you would have received a job opportunity – you go through the job description and apply for the said position , your profile is shortlisted & you are invited for formal interview. During the interview you & the interviewer both realise that it is mis-fit , as the hiring manager’s expectation from the credentials are not aligned with the job description being shared with you


it has been sheer loss of time & money – [a day’s salary & the travelling part ] for candidate and on the other hand it is equally loss of time for the Business Manager /Hiring Manager

Times Is Money – we all have known this fact and Time loss is an Opportunity Loss.

This loss is because the Hiring Manager failed to underline the value of a proper detailed job description . Poorly written Job description, is a disservice to not only the candidate, but also to the employer . Employees with unclear job descriptions can have negative professional repercussions. A sloppy job description will lead to inefficient recruiting with lack of productive direction, that’s because the Recruiter or Sourcing person won’t have an accurate basis to make the decision of evaluation

Importance Of Well Crafted Job Description

At the crux of the recruitment process, lies an innate understanding that an organization needs to hire people to complete certain tasks. The recruitment consultant & hiring managers depend on clearly-documented & business-goal-oriented job descriptions to organize & monitor the job applications against a particular mandate & to evaluate job performance.

A well drafted job descriptions ,  considering the purpose of recruitment , can serve as an important productivity measurement tool for the organizations to manage the recruitment process

Thoughtful & Responsible Process

It helps determine how critical the job is, how this particular job opportunity creates significant impact of his next career move.  Doing so is not only fair to all involved: it is the most efficient and legal way to handle your recruitment efforts. Using a well outlined job description , demonstrating the criteria fitment of job skills is an important tool for clarifying responsibilities & is part of good management . It serve a basis for interviewing & evaluating candidates credential . Time spent documenting the scope and breadth of the job in advance will pay valuable dividends toward the success of the person in the position and the organization as a whole

Legal Document -Right Of The Candidate

It is of great importance  in the recruitment process & can help business enterprises maintain their focus at all job levels, including top management and ownership positions. A proper job description is the responsibility of the Hiring Manager and a right of the candidate.  It is the legal document for both the company and the employee , which supports the employee with the vital information about the company’s expectation from the employee , key deliverable role , percentage of time spent in that role , room to grow and advance

Important Productivity Measurement Tool

It helps in performance evaluation, also clearly defined then what sort of additional training and development programs should be given to the employee , so that the desired level of efficiency and performance is obtained. The key is to be sure that candidates know exactly what they’ll be expected to do .

Helps In Direction For Interview Preparation

With a job description they can narrow down the preparation and make it profound rather than wide . It builds up the base of the interview for both the interviewer and the interviewee.

Valuable Business Resources

Many companies do not take full advantage of these documents, either because they are ignorant of their possibilities or because of company-wide perceptions that they are of limited use . There are several factors that can limit the effectiveness of these job descriptions such as out-dated, incomplete, or unrealistic job descriptions Managers fail to value & respect the importance of purpose and usage of job descriptions .

Upgrade & Update Job Description

The work culture , the industry work scenarios are continuously evolving , so it is important that the job descriptions are continuously updated & upgraded to have the effective & efficient results in the hiring process , so there is need for continuous review and revision in job description preparation. Business visionaries and Hiring manager, need to take care of these potential pitfalls when making sets of deliverables expectations for their workforce. Managers are often tasked with reviewing and modifying job descriptions to ensure they properly describe the job.

Impacts Employer’s Brand

A well-crafted job description builds up credibility, the seriousness and professionalism of the organization , failure over building up job description portrays a casual attitude and unprofessionalism , which will hamper the efficiency and effectiveness of the workforce performance in the organisation if there is no division at work with benchmarking & differentiating of the job role .

Job descriptions are often a company’s only chance at a first impression. Making the continuous revision and improvement a priority will help ensure that you aren’t missing out on potential top talent at the very first stage of the recruitment process


By Sarla Sharma

Pioneer Management Consultant Pvt Ltd

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